Detective Sergeant Tracey Whearty

Detective Tracey Whearty graduated LETI in 1998 and was appointed to the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy. She served two years at Randolph County Sheriff’s Department before being appointed to the Moberly Police Department as a patrol officer in 2000.  

In 2002 Detective Whearty was appointed to the K-9 Unit. She became the handler for K-9 Rolf and attended Riverview Canine Academy in Cape Girardeau, MO. After Rolf’s retirement in 2004, Detective Whearty went through the Canine Academy again with her new partner, Vandal. Detective Whearty worked in the K-9 Unit until 2007 when she was appointed to the Criminal Investigative Unit   

One of the most noteworthy events as a K-9 handler was when she and her partner, Vandal, assisted Salisbury Police Department by tracking a felon in rural Randolph County. The suspect assaulted a Salisbury Police Officer while on a traffic stop. The suspect fled in a vehicle to rural Randolph County where he wrecked his vehicle then fled on foot. Detective Whearty and Vandal tracked the suspect over two miles before finding him in tall grass next to a lake. The subject is now serving time in a federal prison.   

Since working in the Criminal Investigative Unit Detective Whearty has worked numerous cases of child abuse and neglect, sexual assaults, conducted narcotic investigation with the North Missouri Drug Task Force as well as the Moberly Correctional Center.  

Detective Whearty has received numerous hours of training over the years involving, interview and interrogation, narcotic, arson and homicide investigation as well as canine handling training. Detective Whearty is currently an Investigator for the Mid-Missouri Major Case Squad which serves numerous counties in Mid-Missouri.