Moberly Police Department Goes High-Tech

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE! The Moberly Police Department advances into the 21stCentury with a new communications device designed to enhance officer safety while making Officers more effective in serving the community. Patrol officers have been provided with a Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) in their patrol cars.

The combination of a rugged computer loaded with special software and a wireless network provides officers with readily available queries on persons, vehicles and articles, as well as fully encrypted, silent dispatching and mission critical communications.

The biggest advantage of the new system is the ability to run vehicle registrations, persons, and driver’s licenses and article queries without having to call it into a dispatcher. Normally the requests would be given over the air to a dispatcher who would run the request, but due to the dispatch centers being very busy, these requests would take several minutes, creating delays for the Officers. Now, Officers can receive the same critical information back in seconds! The software is also "intelligent" in that it spawns numerous requests to several databases providing valuable information from a single request.

Officers can also make "local checks" of the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System for warrants and criminal history information. The MDTs are also interfaced with the Moberly Police Departments CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system, which provides the information on the calls for service that Officers are dispatched to.

Officers can type messages to other Officers or to all those on the system, including the dispatchers, they can call car to car or dispatch through the MDT. Also, in the past, critical suspect information and alerts were given out over the radio which could be easily overheard by a suspect monitoring the radio by a scanner. The same information can now be given out silently without compromising the safety of the Officers. Not only does this make the Officers more efficient, the new system also helps improve officer safety by providing this information before they approach a suspect. Other software on the MDTs include a mapping program, and GPS so dispatcher knows at all times where the Officers are at in case of a emergency.

The Officers have waited a long time for this technology and have expressed a great deal of enthusiasm and satisfaction with the MDT's thus far. The citizens, however, will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the MDT's because it allows us to serve them more effectively.